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Targeted Cooperative Network (TACONET)
on Technology Enhanced Learning Environments (TELEs)
that support Self-Regulated Learning (SRL)

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What's new

Barcelona conference Oct.1, 2010
"Self-regulated Learning in Technology Enhanced Learning Environments: Problems and Promises"

Deadline for registration and handing in abstracts July 31, 2010

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marcaTACONET is a network of European institutions involved in higher education

marcaTACONET is a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences of individuals and institutions from academia, business and communities of practice who are interested in TELEs that support Self-Regulated Learning.

marcaTACONET initiates and conducts research on TELEs that support Self-Regulated Learning

marcaTACONET helps in implementing and evaluating TELEs that support Self-Regulated Learning

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TACONET is an activity emanating from the TELEPEERS project which is funded by the European Commission Grant agreement 2003-4710-/001-001 EDU-LEARN